About Josiah Lu Yew Jung

This is a site created by Leona Lim, mother to Josiah Lu. Eventually, this site will be passed over to Josiah if he wants to continue with it, when he can read, write and type on the Mac. 😛
Josiah Lu was born on 5th February 2009, at 9.25am, in Putrajaya Hospital. His prenatal checks were done at Klinik Dr. Bedi Singh in Sg Chua and was later referred to Klinik Kesihatan to his monthly checkups, basically because it is FREE! Josiah weighed in at 3.17KG at birth, as of his 10th day, he was 3.5KG.

Josiah is pretty much a night time fella, as in like adults, he sleeps when the sky is dark and wakes when it’s bright. During the day, he is awake most of the time and wanting a feed, while at night, he sleeps through about 3 hours and feeds every 3 hours. That makes it easy for his parents, as it means we only need to wake up once or max twice a night.

Josiah is fully breast fed, but takes formula supplements after his mother takes her meals, so as not to affect his jaundice at this early stage. Apart from that, he latches on all the time and treasures that closeness with his mother. A bottle is introduced at his 2 weeks due to this, and thank God he takes it without fuss, it being an Adiri bottle.

Josiah is now 6, and studying in his last year in Tadika Anak Seri Cahaya. He is also a child artist and can be followed at Josiah Lu’s Gallery on FB.