A Magical Time with Superstars of Magic 4 in Genting


Last Sunday I had the most fun in my life! Thanks to Resorts World Genting for inviting me and my family to watch Superstars of Magic 4

I have never watched a real magic show before, the only magic I had seen was some tricks by a clown in the mall. My mother told me to remember all the tricks are not real in case got anything scary! But really, there is nothing scary about Superstars of Magic 4! It is all very funny and cool. Let me introduce the different magicians to you.


There are total of 7 different musicians, all with their different styles and types of magic.


1) Jay Mattioli from USA is the Magician and the Emcee, he is very funny and can dance and make jokes all at the same time. I was so shocked when he appear on stage suddenly on a big motorbike. I wonder how they bring the bike on the stage. Jay likes to ask the audience to clap and make noice, he says it makes the magicians magic work better. He is very funny and like to get volunteers from the audience.


2) Jeff Lee comes from Taiwan. He is the CD Guy, he likes to take lots of CDs out of the TV and it becomes real! The CD can make smiley faces too.


3) Joseph Gabriel is the bird man, he can make doves and ducks appear out of nowhere. I cannot count how many doves appear from his hands, and one time he make a dove float in front of him. Then suddenly he mades big ducks appear when he come very near to me. It was so surprising.


4) Shawn Farquhar was not around when we were at the show. I just hear that he is very good with playing cards.


5) One Gun is another very cool magician from Korea. His magic is he can change different Tshirts and make things appear and come out of the Tshirt, like he can make an egg from 2D on the Tshirt to become 3D in real life.


6) The last magician Ted Kim is a clown! I like him the best! He use computer projector to make many art work appear on his body and on the stage and it’s very colourful! It looks like he is painting but I know it is just illusion.

7) Alana Moehlmann has many hands that come out of her magic tshirt. She is quite different….maybe girls will like it haha.


Courtesy of KeeHuaChee

Finally after the show we get to take a picture with the magicians and all the bloggers.

Here is just me and my family!

Josiah Lu and the Bird Man! The duck is quacking in my ears.

Superstars of Magic 4 Click for more info or to buy tickets/rooms.
The show is from 10 July – 25 October 2015 at Genting International Showroom (GISR)

Show Time
Monday-Friday – 8pm
Every Saturday – 4pm & 8pm
Every Sunday – 4pm

Tickets are from RM98 – RM248, very fun to go! I want to go again!

4 Responses to A Magical Time with Superstars of Magic 4 in Genting
  1. M.Syamsid Dhuha
    August 6, 2015 | 9:12 pm

    Awesome . Never had a chance to meet A magicians before . Lucky you . How’s you experienced meet em in front ? I’m ppretty sure pop out from your mind the word “amaze” in your head haha . Well magicians they also celebrities . If I have a chance to meet them first of all I will ask them “Can you make my RM50 to 100 US Dollar hahaha . Nice post btw . Thumbs up

  2. leonalim
    August 6, 2015 | 9:30 pm

    They are amazing! Try to go see them in Genting. These are all award winning top class international acts, so they won’t disappoint. I was probably having a surprised and awed face throughout the show.

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