Review of First World Hotel XYZ Rooms, World Club Room & Deluxe Rooms

It was only early last month that we visited Genting to watch iLuminate and we stayed in the new tower of First World Hotel, XYZ Triple Room. Guess what, I was appointed Genting Kid’s Blogger this time, and me and my family were invited to stay another weekend there and at the same time review the other rooms. Let me share with you my exciting weekend there.

I really love coming to Genting, there’s so much to do here, but most of all I love the cold weather. If I come here, I must go outside to take a walk to enjoy the mist.

We always stay in First World Hotel, because I like it it’s colourful. Now it is going through a major renovation and there’s a new Tower 2A just built next to it, that was where we all stayed.

This is our room, the XYZ Deluxe Room located in the new Tower 2A, it comes with 2 single beds. The last time we stayed in triple with 1 queen and 1 single, but the room is about the same size with all same amenities. The Triple room is quite limited so book fast if you need more space for beds.

Beside the bed is the very compact area for hanging clothes, for our luggage, with safety box for important things and a mini fridge below it. The room is simple and nice as guests in Genting, we also won’t spend much time in the room except for sleeping! My fav places to go is the shopping mall and indoor theme park!

We have a nice bathroom, separated from the wash basin and toilet, this is good so my toilet don’t get wet and slippery too.

This is the wash basin equipped with hair dryer, what my mummy needs after a bath.

This is the simple toilet, nice and clean.

The Deluxe room will have this coffee making facilities, that’s the only difference with the Standard room that won’t have this.

I enjoyed the very comfy bed, allowed me to rest and sleep all night.

Something special about the new room is the plug points, it has international socket and USB port for charging. There are 3 of these in my room itself, very convenient to charge our many phones and ipads right?

After check in, we had to go out again, now to see other rooms with all the other kor kor jie jie blogger friends.

Got many floors in this hotel, that’s why it is 2nd largest hotel in the world, the largest in Las Vegas.

Here I was at the main lobby of First World Hotel, we checked out how to check in with the machines. This hotel very high tech, we don’t have to line up at counter to check in, can just insert our IC and can check in immediately. Now there are so many ekiosks but they are still putting new ones, making it a total of 29 units of E-Kiosk with 23 in Tower 1 lobby and 6 in Tower 2Annex lobby.

Checking out is even easier, just drop the room card at any of the express check out machine, total there are 15 units.

Ok, the first room we visit is the biggest room in First World Hotel, the World Club Room in Tower 1. This room is huge, and I love the blue colours.

There is a lot of space between the bed and big screen TV, a lot of space for me to draw on the carpet too.

The bathroom and everything is quite standard, but the bed is nice and big.

I can even sleep on the sofa here.

This room looks very new actually because it is newly refurbished! Genting is slowly refurbishing their rooms one by one, but as you know there are over 7351 rooms in this hotel alone, so it will take some time

This is the World Club Room in Tower 2. This room is older and smaller but the bathroom is bigger.

If you like bathtub, then please book this room instead!

This room you can use bathtub and shower also, very nice.

I like this space with the chair and table, here is where I can do my drawing daily.

There’s also a small area near the door like a small living room.

I like this room a lot also, it is very classic and comfy like feel at home.

Next is the Standard Room at Tower 1. This room is like my room, but the old one.

But it has a nice big table, I love this.

The toilet is standard, with wash basic, toilet and overhead shower in one room.

Next room is the Superior Deluxe Family Room, like the XYZ Triple Room!


There’s a very long desk in front of the TV.


Actually, the bathroom and toilet is exactly like the one in my room, with the frosted lime green glass walls.

The last room we visited is the Superior Deluxe with twin bedding room, exactly like the other room just smaller a little with 2 single beds.




As you can see, it is exactly the same as the XYZ Rooms in Tower 2A.

After walking around all afternoon, I was too tired already but my job as kid blogger was not done yet. We still had to go Press Conference with the big bosses. Watch out for my 2nd post on that.

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  1. Carol
    July 13, 2015 | 10:50 am

    Great post. Makes me look forward to going back to Genting soon. ????The World Club Room in Tower 1 looks like an absolute delight. The turquoise accents are so pretty and homey!

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