First Trick or Treat

Last October, Pavilion Junior organised this Trick or Treat going around the malls for their Junior Members. I RSVPed early enough and got Josiah in. I then created his ‘costume’ which was nothing but a big white polo T with a big monster face. The theme of the event was monster as informed in the email. Josiah designed most of the costume, he drew me a pic and described how he wanted it to be, and I just used most leftover recycled materials to create it. I think it took me like 3 evenings to finish it up.

I must admit on the day, I felt a bit embarrassed coz all the kids were really really dressed up in professional looking costumes complete with make-up and hairdo. Josiah’s costume? Just put it on over his clothes when we reached there.

Some of the kids have very gory costumes, so scary that Josiah was actually afraid of them. None of the other kids wanna sit together with them at the table and at the final picture taking, Josiah really wanted to leave as he was so afraid of the girl with the spikes.

Overall it was a fun event, but a bit tiring as we walked through all the shops. There was also a little bit of hiccup in the beginning at registration when there was a party crasher that took Josiah’s name and place. I had to show them Josiah’s Pavilion Membership Card and the confirmation email to prove who he was. They tried looking for the kid who took his number but the kid never own up. Quite weird that there were parents who would crash a kid’s event.

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