4 years 3 months update

Josiah got his worst fever yet at 4 years 3 months, the last time he got so sick was nearly a year away when Jordan was only 3 months old and Josiah was three years 4 months. This time, we just came back from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where Josiah got a minor flu bug, but after getting home last Friday, he got fever at school. The school called us to fetch him home so we did, and we just gave him Paracetamol from his last visit to the doc. We try not to see the doc as much as we can and we don’t give the kids antibiotics. The fever then went on and off from Friday and only completely subsided today, and it’s already Thursday. Needless to say, I was worried sick. The weather was crazy hot and his fever kept going up at nights. I spent a couple of nights having to wake up, give him PCM and water and apply his fever patch to cool him down. Josiah also had no appetite and ate very little. On the first two days he even vomited a couple of times a day and throughout the day just had nausea. Basically, he couldn’t enjoy much even though we were on holiday in Janda Baik and Bukit Tinggi.

By Monday, I started to wonder if we should give him antibiotics and visit the doc. I read up online and asked on forums and many mums told me their kids have fevers up to 10 days without PCM and just used natural remedies and they turned out ok. On the contrary, there are two many stories of fatalities involving wrong hospital diagnosis and antibiotics. Anyways, after reading about that, John went out to get probiotics from the pharmacy that is in powder form as Josiah wouldn’t eat the one that was in capsule. We got the Kordel’s Protect. Just a day after taking it, now Josiah is completely well.

In fact, today at dinner, he ate a whole adult plate of Wan Tan Mee, and then when we got home, he ate four pieces of biscuits and a cup of kefir. We are just so joyful to see him eating like normal again. Traditionally, people believe that kids grow bigger after sickness and I guess this is the reason why, coz they will eat like mad to replenish all the calories their body missed out those days of being sick.

All in all, I’m just grateful we forgo antibiotics and gave probiotics instead. His good bacteria won’t suffer and his bad bacteria is gone and not mutated.

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  1. June
    October 26, 2013 | 9:37 am

    Hi leona…
    I ve been giving my eldest girl who is 6yo probiotics since she was 6mths old.now she s taking megalive but alternately I also give her kordel protect. Probiotics r good..n a pharmacist told me kordel s is good for coughs n flus.my bb 15 mths is taking biolife biog
    aia on alternate days…keeps those bugs away!

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