First Dentist Visit

I can’t remember when was it that Josiah’s teeth started deteriorating. Two if his front teeth had brown stains and some parts chipped off, one of his side teeth is chipped off badly too. These teeth are supposed to fall off by the time he is 6, another two years, so we thought to let it be. But it was saddening since Josiah loves to smile, and every time he does, it is not showing nice teeth. By the way, nice teeth matters to me a LOT. We are also quite surprised that his teeth was that bad since he doesn’t take candy, sweets etc.

So the other day, Josiah was in the car with his friend Samuel from school, and I just said, Samuel’s teeth looks perfect. Then we asked Josiah if he wants to see the dentist to repair his two front teeth, to our surprise, he was so enthusiastic about it. We had been delaying the trip simply because we thought he would be too scared to go. You know, most people are afraid of the dentist after all.  So last Saturday after breakfast, Josiah and Daddy went to the dentist in Kajang Prima upon Samuel’s parent’s recommendations. When they got there, it was quite a few people in line, we forgot about making appointments! I told John to make an appointment for the week after and bring Josiah home instead of waiting there for 2 hours, but Josiah insisted on waiting. This boy wants to get his teeth done immediately. Ok never mind, so I just wait at home while they wait there over lunch time.


While getting the teeth done, Josiah did not cry or anything. He just sat their like a good boy. I’m glad he knows how to value his teeth after all. Here is how good he looks now!


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