3 year 9 months update

Josiah just graduated from Tadika’s 3 year old class. I cannot believe how the time flew by just like that. I have not scanned his progress report but this time, he did really well with a lot of Excellent grades, not that it mattered highly to me. Josiah also got his bunch of good friends in class and daycare. I even know all their names by now since he talks about them a lot. Of course, he has his ‘off’ days when he just whines and doesn’t want to go to school. Sometimes he tells me it is because his friends doesn’t want to befriend him anymore but I have to take that with a pinch of salt. Sometimes, I go to the daycare and he seemed to get along well with them all.

Josiah my cheeky boy has now accepted his big brother status. Somehow, one day he decided that he loved Jordan after all. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I got them to sleep together in the same room. It must have been about a couple of months ago that I did that. Really hard to keep track of anything nowadays. So I put Jordan to sleep first, then when it’s time for Josiah to sleep, I asked him to quietly enter the room and most times, he will just fall asleep immediately.

Eating wise, Josiah has also gotten better. Yes he still tries to get away with not eating fruits and vegetables, but when coaxed to he will try to eat. We also started catering dinner since I am too busy to cook, and Josiah is able to eat most of whatever is cooked with rice. A few months ago, he would have insisted on taking noodles only.

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