3.5 years update

Josiah is going to be 3.5 years old soon.


Sometimes I feel a little sad watching time flew by so quickly as my first baby is all grown up and I can’t help it as I have so little time left after work and taking care of baby Jordan. I think Josiah felt that as well, so I have to find as much time to spend with him and give him lots of assurance.

Around March after Jordan came into the world, Josiah kind of changed his personality. Even the teacher in tadika told me he became very sensitive and very quiet. Previously he was active and talkative. He wants to go away whenever babies are brought up. At Jordan’s full moon party, Josiah was moody most of the time as he saw all the gifts people brought were for Jordan. Once, all his baby cousins were in Kajang and we went over to John’s sis’s place for phototaking of all the babies, can you imagine everyone were paying attention to the babies and taking pics, Josiah pulled my hand and said he wanted to go home. He walked out the door himself and even opened the gate to rush out. Poor guy.

Thank God I can say all that is over. After 2 months, he got back to normal. He is now willing to acknowledge Jordan’s presence, play with him and talk to him. I caught him telling things to Jordan a few times when I was at the kitchen, and when Jordan cries, Josiah will tell me please go and help Jordan.

Every night when I nurse Jordan, Josiah wants to stay by my side and be my ‘little helper’. Of course, he isn’t really helping at all and sometimes he talks too loud or makes noise that awakens Jordan instead. But some changes are now he’s willing to let me carry Jordan. In the earlier days, he gets angry even when we put Jordan in the stroller, as it used to be his right. So there were times when we had to put Josiah in the stroller and carry Jordan instead. When going to church, Josiah would insist I carry him and let Daddy carry Jordan instead. Now he seems to be cool about it and stopped throwing his tantrums, I hope.  I can’t say they are best friends now, but I’m quite sure they will grow up to love each other and play together very soon. It’s a joy to watch these 2 boys grow together.


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  1. Jenny
    July 30, 2012 | 7:48 pm

    That is the experience of a motherhood. I have not experienced being one myself but I can tell you are doing a good job 🙂 Josiah will grow to know that you love them both equally and unlimited… he just needed a little time to accept the presence of his little brother 😀 many kids go through that.

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