Josiah’s Progress Report in Tadika

Wow Josiah is now 3 years 5 months, time flew by and I never updated on him anymore, my bad. Today I want to write about our first Parent Teacher Meeting with his Tadika teacher Ms Rajes.

In our Tadika, a Fungates System tadika, there are no exams, even more for 3 year old class, this is how they report his progress, using E=Excellent, G=Good progress and W=Working on Skill.



From the meeting, there are only 2 things that I need to work on with him. Ability to cut with scissors and keeping his toys after using. I know he lacks in both this as I hardly taught him how to cut, only recently when I received a Scotch scissors for kids.  He just likes to simply cut and not following the lines. At home after playing his toys, he will warn us not to keep it. He likes to leave his toys which he assembled, like legos and his water fountains. Nobody can change or touch it.

He score excellence in his most of his speaking skills, no doubt he loves to talk and talks a lot since young. Apparently he’s also really good at drawing, shapes and colours, which are some of his major interests. Josiah nowadays calls himself the artist. He also like to put -er to words, like he says John repairs the PC, so he is a repairer. Some of the words he made up are so funny, but I just can’t remember at this moment. For example, he says things like since I cook, I’m a cooker, if I watch Tv, I’m a watcher etc.

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  1. Jenny
    July 30, 2012 | 7:54 pm

    it is wonderful that they have such detailed report cards these days… during our time, the report card only comes in primary school Standard 1 🙂 good results / improvements too on Josiah’s.

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