3 years old!

Josiah turned 3!

This time he get to celebrate with his Tadika friends as well. Early on he already told us he wanted only blue colour Angry Bird cake so I spent months searching for the right ones.

For his Tadika, we bought the cake from www.jellycakehouse.com as we thought it’s better that kids don’t eat too much cake, actually I was thinking of my nephew who gets sick every time he eats cake. We visited his Tadika to take pics with him and his classmates were all just babies, they look so small and young, mostly not even 3 yet.

Then on his actual birthday, we had a small party at home just with our carecell members. Josiah had a little accident and knocked his head, it even bleed. The boy is seriously growing up.

We got this other cake from www.tastycarrots.com.my. I searched online and found this shop which happened to be right in Kajang, and the lady told me they are famous for their carrot cake, which is what I ordered. It was surprisingly, really good, despite the really blue icing that caused all our tongue and lips to turn blue. It tasted great but sinful, so I had to scrap away all the blue icing to just eat the cake only.

All in all, we really thank God and praise Him for our wonderful boy, whom I cannot call cute anymore, as he will correct me and say he is handsome big boy and not cute. It’s fun to talk to Josiah as he talks like a grown up, every night before falling asleep we have our pillow talk and he will tell me stuffs that happen in school and about his friends, in particular the 3 girls in class that loves to talk about. Getting him ready for school wasn’t as hard as the 2nd week when he cried daily, now he’s willing to change and get himself ready. Every morning, we get him changed and let him have his breakfast first, as the Tadika only provide snacks at 9.30am halfway through class. Then Papa John will drop me at work and then drop Josiah off at Tadika, we are blessed to have our house, my work place and his Tadika all in one neighbourhood.

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