At 33 Months

Recently we brought Josiah to the beach, and lo and behold he is no longer afraid of the waves. Just in May this year, we were there and he won’t even go near it. This time, he had a great time running and splashing and falling the sea water, even getting to taste it a bit as it splashed on his face. My boy has grown up.

It was a pretty hot day, and all I did was hide under the shed while Josiah couldn’t care less to play under the sun, of course, after I put sun lotion all over him. Amazingly, when we went home, only John and I had a bit of sunburn, but Josiah didn’t get any.

It’s only one month left before this boy heads for school, more like playschool. Coz 3 year olds aren’t really supposed to start real studying yet.

What are Josiah’s interests nowadays. Well, it’s Christmas time so he’s back to being crazy about Christmas trees. He loves it when we bring him to the malls, he will start checking out all the trees rather than the toys. So we’ve also put up our Christmas tree, and it’s like his motivation every morning to get up, coz it’s his job to turn on the lights for all the stars on the tree.

For activities, he’s very much into arts, like water colour painting, and drawing on his new Ikea easel using markers and white board markers. It’s like his daily activity, and he most draws fireworks and trees, don’t ask me why. We’ve managed to instil reading before bedtime recently and now he wants a book or two before bed EVERY night. And it’s almost always the same book, the current book he loves is Hop and Pop by Dr Seuss.

He also have a preference of who to read which book to him. Like Daddy can only read him Bible stories, while I have to read him all Dr Seuss books. Well, thankfully I like the books myself, they are just a bunch of repetitive silly stories. After reading, he will want to turn off the lights himself, and then snuggle up to me to sleep. Sleep time is great, I have another 3 months of peaceful sleeping to go, phew.

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