At 32 Months

Josiah has gotten so talkative and imaginative at this age. Normally, parents tell the kids a bedtime story before bed, but Josiah is the one that will tell us a bedtime story. It’s as if during bedtime his mind goes through all the things he experienced and saw during the day and he will retell every bit of it in his own made up story. Just a couple of days ago, he told this story that made us burst out laughing.
“One day 2 little girls went the to playground. Wow, playground! They were so happy and start playing. Then Josiah and papa came to the playground and chase them away. Josiah and papa sit on the see saw, but then ‘bang’ the see saw break because papa is big. Then Josiah ask Mama come and play. Then Mama said, ‘Eh where is Josiah?’ Josiah is at the slide, and wheeee I slide down and bang into the bushes and trees with leaves.”

At that moment, me and John burst out laughing, and Josiah ask us, “You all laughing ah? Stop laughing”. And with that his head hit the pillow and he fell into a deep sleep. So it has been like this every night, he will talk himself to sleep. Last night however, I tried to change the roles and told him a story instead, the story of the birth of Jesus. He seemed intrigued by it. We don’t need a book or anything, just a story in the dark.

We also went for a photoshoot recently. It was fun but unlike when he was a baby, it was not easy to get a proper shot of him, coz he’ll be running all around and doing his own thing. He won’t smile that easily also. But thank God some nice shots came out of it.

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