At 29 Months

I’m posting this because my husband keep asking why no updates. The last video I took of Josiah was also 4 months ago. I guess it’s true what they say as your child gets older, you get lazier to keep track of anything already.

I can remember that at 29 months, Josiah started singing the ABC Song in full without any mistakes. So he keep singing it day and night. Then he started singing the Rasa Sayang day and night as well. Now he’s very inquisitive and would ask us, what is cempedak, what is luar pagar, stuff like that. Josiah is also starting to ‘argue’ and speak opposite words. If I say cannot do something, he will say can. And then we will continue arguing, can, cannot, can, cannot etc. Well, mostly it is quite a humourous thing rather than a serious argument.

His sleep pattern for naps have changed to only one nap a day, that is around 2pm – 5pm. However, it’s not all predictable, there are times he ask to sleep at 12pm. Then at nights, he still go to bed by 9.30pm unless it’s weekend, then we would let him stay up longer up to 10.30pm. Sometimes he might wake up really really early lie 5.30am and roll around in bed talking to us two very tired parents. Then he would fall back asleep an hour later and then cannot wake up when it’s time to go to work for us.

At about 29 months we also took a short trip back to Kuching and we used the budget route by by taking a train and a bus to the airport. It was Josiah’s first time on the train and he was mostly just in awe and very quiet. Unfortunately the bus trip took too long and he fell asleep in the bus when we were already near the airport. Don’t think I would use this method again in future until he’s bigger.

Josiah loves to take long baths, as he doesn’t get to do it at the baby sitter’s. They just bath him standing up and get it done in a few minutes. But at home in the weekends, we give him the liberty to play in the tub, and unfortunately he wastes a lot of water playing for a long time! Oops. So much for trying to be eco-friendly.

He is still very crazy about water fountains, especially on how to build one. He can spend a long time watching all those DIY water fountain videos on youtube. Recently he also loved watching Dora the Explorer and Super Why. And I thought only girls love Dora. But the cartoons are actually very informative and educational.

Josiah finds people’s names to be of utmost importance, he remembers them well and for those he doesn’t know or have forgotten, he never fail to ask us what their name is. This is a really great time to teach Josiah stuffs, I just wish I’m not so tired after work all the time. A lot of effort actually goes into teaching fruitful stuffs to a toddler.

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