At 28 months

Nowadays Josiah has definitely turned into a chatter box. He talks so much even to strangers. I wonder if I should ever teach him about the dangers of talking to all strangers? Most of the time I get comments like “How old is he?” “Wow he really talks a lot”. etc etc. So much so that he has started talking to his stuffed toys, especially his bear and his pig. I thought he would have outgrown stuffed toys by now, they being his favourite at 1 year old. But no, now he brings his big bear to bed, to the car, to the living room, to the dining table, everywhere, and he talks to the bear and feeds the bear etc. Well I do not discourage this act, as I think it is helpful for role playing. This morning, Josiah pretended to be a doctor, laid the bear down on the bed and pretended checking him up using my earphones as a stethoscope.

He also started singing a lot. Thanks to watching all those Baby tv, Baby Einstein, Donut Man, and Magic English videos daily. Thanks to the iPad it’s also really easy to just google and show him any videos to learn the songs. These are the songs he can sing pretty fluently now.

Thanks to the Dad for teaching him Rasa Sayang, and most of the BM songs he’s still learning. It really takes lots of time and patience to teach him word for word until he can sing it himself.

Besides singing, he loves reading now. I actually created a bookshelf of all his new books, it might take years to go through all the books. My favourite books right now are stories from Dr Seuss. I bought so many of it but Josiah has his preference of only a couple of the books. I then bought books by Eric Carle, thanks to Jessy for recommending them. They are really really good! Josiah loves the Hungry Caterpillar and the Moon so much, he can even tell me the stories now. Then my church member Shakina has bought him a bunch of great books, so grateful and thankful for friends like these. Of course, no children’s book is greater than the bible, so I bought him a very colourful kid’s bible too. He loves the stories about Adam and Eve, he says Eve is mum. There are stories about Jonah, Jacob, Noah and Jesus. Basically, from Genesis to Revelation. I bought most of my books through Mphonline as there are better discounts online. Here’s a list of recommended books for first readers.

1) ISBN: 9780887081774
Title: Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me – Eric Carle 20.72

2) ISBN: 9781400308538
Title: Read and Share Bible: More Than 200 Best Loved Bible Stories 49.9

3) ISBN: 9780007224838
Title: Inside Outside Upside Down – Beginner Books RM15.92

4) ISBN: 9780007169979
Title: Dr. Seuss: Ten Apples Up on Top RM15.92

5) The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Well, there are many many others great books out there according to every child’s different interests and needs.

The iPad 2! Thanks to the iPad 2 Josiah is able to improve lots of his reading, his abcs and writing skills too.

I really like this writing app, iWriteWords. Here Josiah is using the Lite version as I’ve yet to purchase the full version. The Lite version only has a few words and letters to try out. It’s really motivational as kids get to pull the letters into a moving star after they manage to write the words

He’s now also just the right height for his JD Bug. Recently we brought him to the Skatepark in Taman Cabaran Putrajaya and he had a great time with daddy on the bike. Though he knows how to balance his bike now, he still doesn’t dare to go fast. I find the handle bar brake too hard for toddler hands to press on too. So for now, he won’t be getting his pedals until he can press the brakes.

It’s really fun to hang out with Josiah nowadays, so much so that I am missing him more when I go to work. Especially when he holds my hands with tears in his eyes and ask me is it ok not to go to work. He wants to join me at my office every morning if he can. Well I did bring him once to work, but I try not to do that as it breaks his daily routine and he’d cry even more when he’s at the baby sitter. I can’t even Facetime with him without him crying after seeing me and wanting to come to me. That’s what I get for that great bond we have. I guess at these moments, I envy the stay at home mums!

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