At 27 Months

In two days, Josiah will be 2 years and 3 months. Wow I’ve missed all those months of updates. I guess I’m just having too much fun being a mum for Josiah. I better update something here before I forget everything. Our dear Josiah has grown up wonderfully. At 25 months he reached the 90cm height mark and was able to sit comfortably on his JDBug.

Daddy now takes him riding in the playground whenever the weather is great. He even bought Josiah a nice helmet with Michelin tyre mascot on it. When Josiah was little, he used to be called Michelin due to the layers of fat around his arms and ankles. Josiah is still learning how to push this bike, being a very careful child, he’s doing slowly and steadily. Even up to now, he doesn’t know how to climb around, or monkey around. At 27 months, he’s only just started walking up the steps of the house all by himself. He used to need me to hold his hand, as he’s so afraid of tumbling and falling.

Josiah’s weight hasn’t changed since he was 21 months. He’s still at 13.3kg. If anything, he’s only lost weight, the baby fats are nearly all gone. I guess by 3, he will no longer be considered cute and chubby.

Josiah also LOVES painting, of all things, with watercolour.

Sometimes it’s the one thing he wants to quickly get home to do, and the one thing he can think of upon awakening from sleep. He’s going through his third set of brushes at the moment. I bought him the washable Crayola water colour. However, those stains on his shirts are mostly still there, are they really washable as they claim? So recently, I had to buy him the ‘apron’ type from Crayola as well to protect his clothes.

Josiah is extremely crazy about this advertising air dancer thing above. He calls it ‘bu bu bu bu’ or air blower. This is all he wants to draw ALL THE TIME. He laughs whenever he sees it on the streets and might spend a whole day recalling its actions of dancing in the air. He’s also crazy about baloons, water fountains, fireworks etc. He knows he can get free baloons at Metro Point and there’s water fountain at Alamanda Putrajaya.

He also knows exactly where all the bowling alleys are at, Metro Point, Mines and Alamanda and will get so excited just to go there for a while and watch people bowl a bit. After playing with Blu the Bird from Rio, he’s now asking for a skateboard too. Oh yea, he’s also really into Angry Birds, even though he always pull the launching bird the other side round. He’d call the game angry birds or ‘pecah’, coz the bird breaks when they hit their target.

Verbally, Josiah can converse with us fluently now. He speaks mostly Foochow with us, and Mandarin with his baby sitter. At church, he would speak in English during his toddler class. He’s really friendly and would easily walk up to strangers to talk to them, and his normal conversation starter, he would talk about Christmas trees or he would ask people, Do you want this? Somehow he knows that only we understand Foochow with him. He’s quite a joker too and likes to make funny sentences or funny words. Like once when he were playing Facebook on our mobile in bed, and he was saying Facebook in another way while trying to get us to stop and give him some attention.

Sometimes he mixes my name with John’s name and laughs about it. At times he likes to impersonate in Malay.

Besides being fully potty trained for a while now, we are also really thankful that he doesn’t get constipation anymore. The worst was when he was about 2 and we had to use an enema after all the juice and medication didn’t work. Josiah cried like mad that time and it was a most heart wrenching time of having to force him to go to the potty everytime and how his face turned red each time and yet nothing comes out. These days, I make sure he gets his daily Kefir, Calciyum and Prune Juice daily without fail.

Foodwise, Josiah is eating so much better now than a few months ago. He’s less picky but still prefers noodles above everything. I bring out a pair of scissors if we eat out so it’s easier to cut the meat and vege to pieces for his consumption. He’s ok to eat meat if they taste good, but otherwise if he doesn’t like it, he would spit it out. He’s still not so into vege and fruits yet and would it them occasionally. His daily meals still consist of rice and soup that I prepare for him and bring over to the sitter. At least through the soup he gets his vege as they are pressure cooked till mashed up. Josiah loves cheese, and particularly loves the string cheese.

They come in packs of 4 at Tesco and it’s less salty. He can eat a whole piece at one seating, but I don’t give this to him daily lest he become obese. Plus, too much dairy can cause constipation.

Josiah is still using Infant Toothpaste at the moment. He finally agreed to brush his teeth twice a day after we told him white teeth will make him look more handsome. Nowadays he insist on brushing it himself and I will just do the final brush after he’s done. I get his infant toothpaste from Guardian, Guardian brand Made in Thailand. It is cheaper than the First Teeth brand. These are safe enough to swallow as he hasn’t learned how to spit out. Will be using this till he’s about 3.

Josiah is still breastfeeding! Yes, people give me strange looks and all, but I am still going to let him wean on his own. Hopefully, it will not past 3 years. Although it can be tiring sometimes, but the great thing is, I can easily put him to bed on the dot. In fact, since he knows bedtime is feeding time, he always goes to bed voluntarily when it’s time, about 9.30pm coz bedtime is a pleasant moment for him, a time he can cuddle up with me and find security in me.

That’s all for the updates that I can remember!

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  1. John Lu
    May 3, 2011 | 2:14 pm

    Dear, the “boo boo boo” thingi is called “Sky Dancing Tube”..the plain one and the one got hand is called “sky dancing boy”…the air blower is the bottom parts of the whole thing..


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