Surgery and Healing

Last Thursday, 1 week plus after Josiah was diagnosed with Inguinal Hernia, we made a very quick decision to let him have the surgery. Initially, we were really praying that he will be healed without surgery, but on Wednesday evening, the Hernia bulge dropped so low into the Scrotum, which made us realise it will only get worse and that God uses surgeries to heal people too. So on Thursday, John called Dr Lu, the surgeon at KPJ Kajang, initially wanting to just ask a few questions, but Dr Lu wanted us to come in for the surgery immediately as he will be away after that for a course. So it was quite an unplanned thing, as I had to take emergency leave, go back and bring Josiah to KPJ, get him admitted immediately for the ops. Looking back I really thank God that we did not have much time to think through as we might have changed our minds or get anxious over it.

So, we went in to KPJ at 11.30am, and it was quite a long wait for our turn. Waiting in a private hospital is just as long as waiting in the General hospital. Just that people are always polite, slow to anger and everything looks new and nice. By the time we saw the Doc, it was 12+, and Josiah really freaked out when anyone tried to touch him, so thankfully, I had taken a pic of the hernia bulge the night before, so the Doc just checked the picture. He said it’s really big and need to be operated on immediately. However, we couldn’t really do it asap, as Josiah had not fasted the night before and that morning, he had already taken his breakfast. So, we had to wait another 6 hours, and it was quite a tormenting 6 hours, as Josiah wasn’t allowed to eat or drink. I fasted along with him as he would scream for the food I was eating if I ate in front of him.

So at 1.30pm, we were finally ushered to the registration counter to check into a ward. Lo and behold, there were no wards available. At this moment, I was quite agitated, as Josiah was tired and crying for sleep, and here they couldn’t get a room ready. Plus he was so sticky, I couldn’t go to the washroom, nor drink water nor do anything! Finally, I had no choice but to bring him to their nursing room next to the Specialist clinics, there was a couch there, so I allowed him to take his nap there, but it was really hot in the room.

The poor boy slept uncomfortably and was sweating away as the couch is the pvc type. I guess at that moment, the negative thoughts came in and I was feeling like this was a mistake. Thankfully, that was the worse part, as when Josiah awoken, we were asked to check into the ward, and because there were no wards available, they gave us the VIP Ward.

The VIP ward was huge like an apartment. It was complete with a dining room, a bedroom, living room, bathroom with dedicated shower cubicle, kitchen area complete with kettle, fridge and microwave, not to mention 2 tvs with some Astro channels.

Maybe the only thing is the bed is not queen size haha.

So we pretty much have a blast in the big room, and that took our minds off some things. Josiah too really enjoyed running around and watching the Disney channel while waiting for the ops to start. At about 4.30pm, the nurse came in, and we packed our things and went off to the operation theater. Images of Grey’s Anatomy keep flooding my mind, but in real life, everything seems more relaxed and there really wasn’t any drama going on. I put on my gown and cap, changed my sandals and did the same for Josiah. Too bad I did not manage to take any pics coz Josiah was so cute with the cap, which he quickly took off and won’t put on again after a while. The time in the operation theater was quite a torture, as I had to entertain Josiah while the room was being prepped. Josiah was quite anxious and curious what that place was, so I had to use all my creativity to distract him. Thank God for some nice nurses who came in and out to play with him a bit. Finally he walked himself into the ops theater, and everyone there was wearing a mask, my job was to get him to lie down on the bed and use the anesthetic mask so he would go to sleep. As soon as he lay down on the bed, all the nurses wrapped him up with a towel and the mask came on, he started screaming and crying through the mask. It was less than a minute before his breathing slowed down and he went to sleep. It was quite hard to watch. My job then was done and I was escorted out to the waiting room where John was waiting.

At that time about 5pm, I finally took my lunch but didn’t have much appetite. Since it doesn’t seem like we could go home that night, I started making a list of things for John to bring to the hospital later. Less than an hour later, the doctor came out. He was holding a small container, that contained the part he cut out of Josiah. There was even a small cyst due to the water getting stuck in the sac, halfway showing that to us, I heard Josiah screaming. I nearly rushed into the ops theater without changing my shoes and putting on the gown. Then I entered and saw Josiah curled up on the bed crying unstoppably, even when I pick him up and carried him, he won’t stop crying and won’t even open his eyes. I guess it must have been quite traumatising. The doc came to give him some more painkillers as he seemed to be screaming in pain. After a while, the nurse motioned for me to go back to the ward, I had the experience of sitting on the hospital bed and being wheeled to our room. I thought we would be sent to the pediatric ward or something, but we were sent back to the VIP Room.

Immediately, I nursed Josiah to sleep as he must have been starving as well. Thankfully, he fell into a deep sleep until night came, by the time he awoke, he seemed like normal again. Before he awoken, our baby sitter’s whole family came to visit him.

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He just spent the rest of the time watching Disney Channel. We fed him some Calciyum and he didn’t really want to eat others things. Everything went well, and we were basically very thankful to God and all the prayer warriors who prayed for him.

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  1. Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy
    April 24, 2011 | 12:33 am

    Hi Leona!

    Wow! This must be so traumatizing for your son and you guys! Thank God the surgery went well and Josiah is coping well!

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