Josiah at 22 Months

Josiah turned 22 Months yesterday. We celebrated by bringing him to KLCC, the building he kept talking about since he saw it from a distance at the Mewah Club pool.

We went to the KLCC Park/Playground, (finally we can go now that we have a kid), and it was HUGE HUGE HUGE!

There are so many different stations and slides and swings, phew, I lost count. There is even a pool area, where kids can play in the water, we didn’t go there as we didn’t bring any extra clothes, and there were soooo many people in it. Lots of families were just there having picnics and hanging out, it was really nice to be outdoorsy.

Anyways, at 22 months, Josiah is really into the drums.

He kinda grew up watching the drummers play in church week in and week out, and now finally he got his chance on the drums. I can just see his face glowing when playing it, too bad I can’t give him any tips as I can’t play the drums myself.

He’s also become quite a joker, he loves to do funny actions that make people laugh.

Besides the above, one of the really funny things he would do when he’s with a girl with long hair is, he will go really close, take a bunch of her hair, put it across his lips and say “Ps Chan”. Ps Chan happens to be my senior pastor who has a moustache.

Josiah has definitely grown taller and slimmer, thank God he won’t become an obese kid. He’s now about 87 cm, can’t wait for him to reach 90cm so that he can start riding his JDBug balance bike with daddy in the skate park. I think the stadium in Kajang is also a pretty safe and nice place to ride.

He’s also starting to push his limits with the house rules and routines. A couple of days ago, he started not wanting to go to bed early, even when he’s actually gone to bed and fell asleep, a hour later he will wake up and insist to go downstairs, where he’ll play with the toys until really late, once even past midnight. He was obviously tired, but just didn’t want to go up. When I force him, he will wail and cry. Sigh, I hope it is just a phase and won’t last a long time.

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