21 months

Josiah turned 21 months yesterday. At the last checkup last week, he is now 13.5 kg and 85 cm tall. Another 5 cm to reach 90 and be able to ride his new JDBug bike. I guess I was too excited and got it too early. He’s now only 3 months to reach 2 years. Looks like planning for his 2 year old party should be under way? Well not decided what it should be like.

Josiah started running around last month. It is now tougher to catch up with him in shopping malls as he doesn’t really wait for us. So we look like crazy parents running after him with all the bags and stuffs. Yea I’m exaggerating. Of coz we can run faster, we just like to walk better. Josiah isn’t much of a climber, thank God! He doesn’t really climb anything, besides climbing onto the sofas and sitting there. He’s learned how to walk up the stairs while holding on the rail, and walking down the stairs, to be safe, I still hold his hands while doing that.

Sleeping time has become latter and latter, we tend to go out at nights a lot nowadays, after all bring deprived for so long. We love bringing him to places he can run about to waste all his energy, so it’s so much easier for him to fall asleep. It probably takes about 15 min only nowadays. Nap times are sometimes only once a day for 2 hours, although I still try to put him down for a nap twice whenever possible.

Hobby wise, playing any type of drums has become his favourite past time. Maybe this is due to much exposure in church, as he had been attending church from birth and worship practices practically since when he could sit up.
So we got him a mini drum set, which he had been playing continuously daily, from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed.

Language wise, Josiah has certainly developed quite a bit, as he can now speak in sentences. He sometimes makes really funny sentences, like just yesterday when he saw Cocoa our cat, and he said Cocoa walk walk in the light. With us, he speaks mostly in Foochow and Hokkien though, sometimes in Mandarin with the baby sitter, once he even spoke Canto, and well English of coz when we teach him reading and all. He recognises each banana and coconut tree on the way to our house, I’m just amazed at how alert and sharp toddlers can be.

Well, Josiah has his quirkiness, like he doesn’t like to brush his teeth. It’s something we have to struggle to brush each teeth daily, and he doesn’t use blankets. Just hates it. He doesn’t like to eat sweets, which is weird for a kid, not that I offered him any, but I bought Gummy bear vits which is in the form of chewable sweets, and he always spits it out.

Good news, he is nearly 100% potty trained. He doesn’t use diapers in the day time anymore, unless we know we’re going someplace that doesn’t have easy toilet access. For the last 2 days, his night diaper is totally dry in the morning. We really hope he doesn’t need diapers anymore soon, no more washing! My baby sitter brings is potty in her car everytime they go out. Funny but practical. My dear boy is really growing up. With that, I surely did find more freedom to go out and do stuffs, but also more to think about in terms of what kind of input to put into his life, especially at this stage when he absorbs info like sponge.

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