Eating time!

Recently, Josiah has shown signs of wanting to eat on his own. I admit that I had not been helpful in this area as it is always easier and faster to just spoon feed him. It’s definitely highly encouraged to let kids eat on their own no matter how much mess they create, but living this terribly busy and rushed life, it’s not always the best option. Imagine, after a meal outside they have to be changed and bathed, and the embarassment of having food all over the floor and tables and on highchairs. (I secretly let him eat himself only when eating outside so I don’t have to mop!)

Then yesterday, he insisted on eating his Sarawak Kolomee on his own, shows how truly Sarawakian he really is, as this is his favourite noodle. Then I realised that I really should get him his own fork and spoon suitable for his small grubby hands, as the adult table fork is way too long and challenging for him. Most eateries do not have tea fork either, and neither do I at home!

So we went shopping and I bought a pack of stainless steel tea fork to go with the tea spoons at home. But these aren’t travel friendly so I found this.

Take and Toss travel fork and spoons, comes in 2 pairs in a box. These are just perfect, not too small and not too big, most importantly really cheap at RM16.

Besides that one, I also checked out the spoon set from Combi.

I’ve always loved Combi products, but their curved spoon is really useful only for Right handers. I suspect Josiah might be left handed as I normally uses his left hand. These aren’t cheap at RM24.

Actually Josiah’s first fork and spoon came with the Thinkbaby Meal time set.

Unfortunately the handle which is made of rubber is already black now, don’t know why these happens to plastic after prolonged use. Plus they are really small, meant for smaller babies.

Then I also bought these Play and Learn spoons when he was 6 months, supposedly great for learning to eat on his own. However, these really became white elephants, really hard to eat the types of food we Asians eat, like noodles and rice in soups. These cost RM35 for 2! Practically useless for me. Probably useful only for eating gooey purees, which at Josiah’s age of nearly 21 months, purees are gross.

His fav foods now are Noodles, not as healthy as we’d like but what can we do! A toddler likes to have their own ways. At least he gets his dose of healthy soups with rice on weekdays.

Nevertheless, eating with him is definitely easier nowadays as I don’t have to pack his bowls and stuffs anymore. I just take the spoon set and GO. He eats whatever we eat, and if he can successfully eat totally on his own, it is really Hallelujah for me and finally I can eat in peace and finish eating when everyone else does.

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