20 months

Time flies and the number 2 has appeared the months of Josiah’s age. 20 months, really near to 2 years old already.

Josiah just survived a terrible viral attack, and I guess we survived it too! Praise God that he is back to he bubbly healthy self and eating a lot once again. He stopped taking solids for about 2 -3 weeks when he was sick, and I guess he lost much weight. Now it’s like he’s eating to replace all those lost fat again. However his eating habits has changed, he doesn’t want to take porridge anymore. So now every night I have to boil soup in the slow cooker for him, bring it over to the baby sitter’s and she will feed him with rice. That also means the nutrition he’s getting is not that enough anymore, as he also doesn’t really want to eat fruits in the morning like before.

He’s getting better at using the potty, now he doesn’t use cloth diapers in the morning anymore. My baby sitter just ask him to sit on the potty every half and hour. Most times, he will also indicate that he want to use the potty. So gone are the days of washing soiled diapers yeay!

We’ve also gotten more casual about what he eats, he pretty much eats whatever we eat when we go out, unless it’s something he cannot chew. So eating is less of a problem as well. I just need to make sure he gets enough nutrition daily and not that much sugary stuffs. I’ve bought him a children’s multivit recently, it’s the chewable type and it’s quite hard to ask him to take it, literally having to chase him around with it. Will try again the next day.

At the end of the day, we’re one really happy family! Hallelujah…

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