19 months

Wow Josiah is way past 19 months, and I still haven’t got to updating his blog. Well, as days go by, there are less to report about. However, for the sake of keeping this record, I’d say that Josiah has started to become his own person. Just before giving birth, I used to read up a lot on strong willed kids and discipline, lo and behold, guess I got the strong willed one! It is very hard to say NO to Josiah when he asks for something. Once he asked to play with Bubbles after seeing it on one of the children’s program, and at that time I wanted to put him to bed for his nap, and he kept repetitively saying bubble bubble bubble…I got pretty upset, I was adamant not to let him have his way, known as manipulative tantrum, which he started throwing after a few nos. He cried so helplessly and pried his little fingers at the door to open it, (we normally play with bubbles outside at the garage). I dragged his little person upstairs to bed, and he continued crying and kicking away. Finally he vomited due to all the crying, and I picked up a tissue box to wipe his vomit. He cried again and vomited a second time, but I was surprised that he picked up the tissue box and started wiping himself. Then he totally stopped crying as he was so into taking tissue after tissue. Finally he got so tired he decided to climb to bed to sleep. Phew what a day. When he awoke an hour later, his first word was Bubble!

Besides being strong willed, he’s also a copy cat. He would just do whatever we do, like feeding the cat, Cocoa. Everytime he comes home, he wanted to feed the cat, taking the food container and pouring the food. He’s also started to self feed with the spoon, though really messily and sometimes ended up with him pouring the food on the floor. Nasty…

Josiah can also call certain people by name and put sentences together. He’s also started replacing baby words with real language words. He’s now easier to bring him around as he knows how to walk up and down the stairs with some guidance, holding on the rail and holding his hands. It was so hard last time to carry him upstairs, I would be panting by the time I reach up there. It’s also fun coz we can take walks together. He loves to walk and can run a bit. That also means we have to watch him like mad in shopping malls, he tend to run off and never look back to see if we are following or not. I’d say he can understand most things we say to him, but it doesn’t mean he would acknowledge it, Sometimes he just choose to ignore us when we call, or ask him to do certain things like call auntie etc, he may or may not oblige.

He’s started to take fullcream milk instead of just fresh milk, so it’s really easy when travelling since we can get those single serving uht box milk.

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