At 18 months

Just 5 days ago, Josiah turned 18 months. At 18 months, he took his last necessary vaccination at the government clinic. Though we still need to go back there every 3 months, for the normal checkups and de-worming medicine.

He is now 80cm, according to the clinic, and 12.4kg. So he is still gaining weight gradually and steadily. At this age, he really loves role playing and imitating us. Every word and sound we say, he will try to follow. This is a great age for learning words and language. He is able to name one thing in two languages as well, we have been speaking at least 5 different dialects with him. I’ll speak Hokkien to him, John will speak Foochow to him, my baby sitter will speak mandarin and cantonese to him, and we teach him words in English and Bahasa. No choice, we live in a multi lingual society, don’t we. Foochow is the utmost important dialect for all Foochows lest be be cast out of their clan, haha.

Josiah is still sleeping 2 naps a day, but his night sleep time has moved a little later to 9pm when I actually bring him to bed, but he normally won’t truly fall asleep till 10pm. That also means that nowadays we get to go out at nights more, for dinners and just window shopping. He still doesn’t sleep through the night! His night awakenings are somewhat unpredictable, sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes many times! But I guess I am quite used to it. He actually sleeps on his own bed now, we have moved our queen sofa bed to the master room and arranged it next to our bed. I move to his bed to nurse him and moves back to our own bed. He now knows which is his bed and will climb to his own bed whenever it is sleep or nap time.

He calls the playground Taman, and would request to go there everyday. We try to bring him to different playgrounds every weekend, it’s great to start him on physical activities from young and not just staying at home all the time. Thank God there are so many playgrounds in Kajang, plus there’s a huge one in Bandar Baru Bangi.

Josiah loves a good thrill riding down those plastic slides. We don’t have much of these in Kuching, only big parks in designated areas.

My boy has grown so big, sigh, he doesn’t even want to be carried anymore.

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