Finally a Toddler

You know they say when a baby starts walking, that’s when he becomes a toddler. After all, to toddle means to walk with slow, unsteady steps. So now is the time to stop calling Josiah a baby coz he took his first steps a couple of days ago. It cam as quite a surprise coz before that, when we let go of his hands, he will sit down straight away. Somehow, that night he found new confidence and decided to walk. It’s funny coz when he walks, he will keep saying “Wok wok”.

Well, 2 days later, he is now walking everywhere with the occasionally crawling. Today I wanted to hold his hands, and he won’t even let me, he’s already tasted joy in his new found independence. I found him walking from front of the living room to the kitchen. This is really dangerous coz now we have to make sure the house is really, really child proof, as he begins to explore more and check out new territories. Now, time to teach him how to dance! Any teachers out there?

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