At 16 months

Josiah turned 16 months, every month is like a new phase of life for him. This is the month I finally felt like he’s no longer my little baby, but my big boy now. Physically he has grown so much taller, that we find it hard to button his one suit rompers at the crotch, he hasn’t even worn them much since his first birthday. I also need to buy him new shoes coz his current shoes are tight and touching his toes. Since he’s not really walking yet, I’m going to get him a Bugaloo soft sole leather shoes. I love, love, love soft sole leather shoes. He’s currently wearing the cheap version, the Helloyaya, but like I said, it’s getting too fitting and the rubber band ankle part seems to be eating into his meat and causing red marks.

At 16 months, Josiah is such a joy to play with. That’s because he now understands nearly everything we say, and he will attempt to repeat words after us. He recognises words (although he may not be able to speak it) quite immediately now, and recognises people, say if we tell him someone’s name and ask him to point to that person, he can point to the correct person. It’s really fun and cute when he tries to repeat a word after me in the right intonation but in the wrong pronunciation. It’s also really fun and not boring anymore coz he likes to play tricks, dance, play peekaboo with me, and move to action songs. I used to have to do the actions to songs I sing, but now he’s the one doing it. There’s so many tricks he’s known, I guess we just enjoy showing it off whenever he meets an uncle or auntie. Some things he love to do are such as blowing kisses, waving, winking, kissing, shaking hands, giving high fives and playing peekaboo on your back.

His all time favourite activity is swinging at the park nearby our house. They happen to have a baby swing, so it’s just nice for him. I never this kind of swing anywhere else. So thank God is just next to our house.

Nowadays, instead of just bringing him on strollers out to malls, I’m always thinking of some outdoor activities I can bring him to, especially those playgrounds and indoor gyms. Too bad there aren’t many in Malaysia, that’s why I’m always cracking my head on weekends of a new cool place to bring him where he can waste his energy. Sitting in a stroller going around malls just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

On our trip to Langkawi

Josiah has also started to nap only once a day, sometimes twice only if he’s really tired. However, he now knows how to show his will power, so nap time can become quite a struggle at times, with me trying to put him to bed, and him being distracted by every little thing and climbing out of bed to play to his last drop of energy. Normally, I just let him be, once or twice, I actually have to scold him until he has no choice but to lie down in bed. Of course, he will pull a long pout and watery eyes.

People still say he looks like a girl

Josiah is still eating porridge I cook daily, sometimes on weekends, he eats what we eat, like fried rice and mee hoon, of course, it is not as healthy and wholesome, as it’s all carbs without the vegetable. He loves his daily kefir drink, so that is great.

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