At 15 months

It’s been 1 year and 3 months. At this age, Josiah is picking up very fast on his learning. It’s become quite easy to teach him, we just need to show him one time and he knows how to do something immediately. He also began to take instructions very well, such as asking him to take his cup and drink and he will proceed to do it. Teaching him words are quite a breeze, he will follow in action what we show him, like point to your ears etc, things like that. It’s only a matter of whether he really wants to do it or not.

Socially, up to now, Josiah knows how to shake hands, high five, blow kisses, give wet kisses, wave good bye, flash his grin etc. He also likes to repeat sounds, such as the sound of the thunder, the dog barking etc. He has a particular liking to furry animals, like Cocoa and neighbour’s dogs.

There’s nothing he enjoys more than going to the playground with Daddy, swinging on the .. swing, sliding down the .. slide. 😛 He will laugh aloud when doing these things.

Recently he also started walking, but we still have to hold him by one hand. He walk really fast when he’s really excited, like when he wants to go towards something. It’s nearly like running. Well, I think he’s afraid of falling, since he still won’t let go of our hands.

Eating wise has been a challenge. There are times he just won’t eat. He will take a few spoonfuls and spit out the rest, pushing the spoon away and things like that. At least he has learned to eat on the high chair rather than insisting to be let down. I want to start feeding him rice and more solid food, rather than porridge, but it’s hard to start on that .Since cooking porridge in the slow cooker is rather easy and the only way I can keep the food hot from night to morning to night. Plus, with the way he keep spitting out food now I think I’ll have to wait a little.

I think he has grown heavier in weight again, but we’ll have to wait to find out later when we bring him for his Chicken Pox Vaccine. It’s just getting really hard to hold him properly in my arms. I hope he starts walking on his own soon.

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