14 Months update

We took Josiah for checkup at 14 months, supposed to be at 12 months, but we had a problem with the clinic that turned us away. That’s another story. So he took his MMR at the private clinic and now returned to govt clinic just to check up and update.

At 14 months he is 78 cm tall and weigh 11.2kg. Physically there isn’t much changes anymore, I wonder when he will grow again.

At 14 months, he has begun to talk more and communicate more. He likes to watch his nursery rhymes on my iPhone, and whenever the video finishes, he would pass me my phone and ask me to play another one.

I had also been showing him Your Baby Can Read videos since January, and he used to not really pay attention. But now he will actually sit and watch and react to the words and video shown, especially if he has experienced it before. For eg, the word Bubbles, he will laugh everytime he sees the video with the word, coz recently John bought a bubble gun and played with him. It seems like Josiah has a memory of what he has done and is able to reconnect his experience with his learning of words.

Music and dancing is his fav. He would sway or shake his legs up and down to music.

I also started supplementing his milk with Fresh Milk, the only milk he would drink so far. He hates all kinds of formula and growing up powder milk. I am going to try Fresh Goat’s milk tonight and see what his reaction is.

This is Josiah after drinking Fresh Milk from this cup and wanting more. I only gave a little to try it out…

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