13 Months update

At 13 Months Josiah decided to become SUPERMAN to save the world! 😛

I suddenly have a few costumes for Josiah given by his aunts, and it so happen Parenthood magazine is having s costume photo contest, so this is what I submitted. Too bad, not enough time to take better pics with his Batman and Winnie the Pooh costumes.

At 13 months, Josiah came down with a very bad cough and flu, just a week before 13 months to be exact. The cough and flu lasted nearly 3 weeks! At first, we took him to see our normal Paed, took the meds whole bottle until finish, but no effect. It got so bad that his cough made him threw up a lot after his meals. So, in the end we went to DF Pharmacy, which is actually a chinese medicine shop with a western pharmacy. They gave us the grounded pearl. He took it for a few days, and really, he was totally fine after that, of coz plus with lots of prayers day and night.Thank God!

At 13 months, I also started cooking porridge for Josiah. Actually he had been taking porridge all the while, but cooked by his babysitter. It is usually plain porridge sometimes with some chicken meat. I was quite frustrated for a few days whether I should pay her more to cook or whether I should just cook it myself. The little things that worry a mother. 😛

So in the end, after talking to some mothers and my mum, I decided to buy a small slow cooker and cook it myself. So, starts the nightly duties of less resting and more standing, I spend quite some time every night cutting and peeling. But I’m totally satisfied that he is eating my porridge cooked with lots of love. I put in lots of ingredients in my porridge, and even use stock water, without any added salt. It is definitely more work, but yet worth it, as I watch him eat it up happily. On Sundays, I’d cook something more special for him such as pasta or lentils. So far, Josiah has started eating Pork, Chicken, Fish, Prawns, etc, he basically can eat anything already.

At 13 months he was 10.9kg and 75cm. His weight is like at a standstill already. He still can’t walk, can only stand and cruise along furniture.

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