12 months update

Weight: 11kg
Height: 75cm
Can crawl fairly quickly on knees and hands, can stand up and pick himself up on chairs, tables etc.
Can clap on command, point at things and places he want to go, call out for people, do a variety of actions on command such as “arms up” etc.
Can sit up easily from lying on back position
Can climb stairs
Can cruise and walk using chairs
Blabbers a lot and recently blabbers MAMA a lot!”P
started eating bits of table food
Grown 5 teeth to date

At 12 months, Josiah suddenly decided he doesn’t want to crawl commando style (stomach on the floor) anymore. He picked himself up on his knees and started crawling really quickly everywhere. His curiosity level is way up too, as he began exploring places and areas he didn’t use to care about.

At 12 months, he also started obsessing about stairs. He loved climbing them, no matter how tired it made him feel. He started off in our hometowns, climbing the stairs and puffing and huffing when he reached the top, yet feeling totally accomplished with the smile plastered on his face.

He also started to be aware of other little kids. Back in Kuching, his eyes followed his cousin, Jaron, and he tried to imitate some of the things the bigger boy did. He also tend to snatch whatever Jaron takes.

He loves to walk, even though he can’t walk by himself yet. Therefore, we had to let him practice walking using plastic chairs. He gets really excited when we whip up a chair and ask him to stand on it, well, he’s not strong enough to support his own weight and walk for long for now, but it’s great exercise to walk around.

Josiah’s fav past time includes riding on his small car backwards, opening bottles, taking things out of a container and putting them back, (he can spend hours with this), stacking rings.

When we came back from Kuching, we found that he finally knew how to stack up the wooden rings thing from Ikea.

He’s also been more choosy with food. I had a headache in Kuching about finding him proper food to eat, he just pushed out most of the food with his tongue. In the end, I only manage to feed him papaya coz that was all he would eat! Well, back in Kajang now, and he’s not so bad, though sometimes can still be frustrating at mealtimes.

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