Josiah at 11 months

Time really flies when you have a baby, so quickly a tiny newborn is going to be a year old. At 11 months, Josiah is still around 10.7kg, but growing taller, say tatatata repetitively a lot, waves his hands at things he wants to go to, such as toys, the door when he wants to go out, at people etc. Josiah is able to crawl on his knees now, but sometimes prefer to do the military style crawl, he’s able to stand up with support and does that a lot on any furniture, tables etc, he’s now got 4 growing teeth. He’s still absolutely sticky to his father, and gets all excited at seeing John even if he just saw him a minute ago. When the father tries to wear his belt, or socks, it is so hard coz Josiah will be at his feet trying to climb on him.

Recently at 11 months, Josiah had his first and worst fever. It lasted for 3 days and really drained him up. He can still play at the time, but was rather weak, and didn’t eat very well. After 3 days, the fever subsided, with much thanks to prayer, but as we were heading to Penang, he developed rashes. It started from the head to the feet, we had to see a pharmacist in Penang to get some medication. Thank God it was ok within 2 days. However, at the Penang hostel, he was badly bitten by mosquitoes. We had repellent on, but it was not good enough.

One funny action that he learned at the babysitter’s is how to act cute, whenever we say ‘yáo yáo tóu’ ? ? ?, he will put his head to one side just like this.

Now that he’s more mobile, we really have to tighten up security in the house and outside. Especially since one time, he jumped out of the sarong, and started crying.

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