HFMD scare plus updates

Last 2 weeks on 8 Dec, our baby sitter alerted us that Josiah is having red rashes all over his diaper area. The rashes were different from normal diaper rash, and it began to spread gradually to his knees, legs and hands. At first we just applied the diaper cream, thinking this is caused by wetness in the diaper, but to no avail. And since we were using cloth diaper, he normally never had diaper rash. So we brought him to Dr Wong to check out. Dr Wong said he was having viral infection, which was really general. Well, no choice we were given calamine lotion and some cream and even an allergy oral medication. He acted normal and didn’t have any fever nor loss of appetite. After about a week, the rashes dried off and gradually disappeared. But then, I began to develop similar rashes, well, more like blisters, all over my fingers, toes and mouth. So I went to see the doc, a skin specialist and found out it was HFMD, hand foot mouth disease. Well, at first it didn’t struck me that I got it from Josiah, but later when I check his rashes only then did I realise it looked just like mine. So I heaved a huge sigh of relief knowing that I cannot infect him, coz he had infected me in the first place. Well, it’s been a week since I was diagnosed, and I still have blisters in my mouth, like huge ulcers. They really hurt to the point it’s difficult to talk and eat. But thank God all is well, and it’s not as bad as it could have been, basically not the worst case scenario.

Well, Josiah is now 10 months and a half. And a couple of days ago, he started standing on his own and cruising while holding onto chairs and our couch. It’s still rather dangerous, coz this stunt man baby likes to just let go and drop on his butt, sometimes crashing down on his head. he seemed to find a thrill in ‘falling’ if it doesn’t hurt.

Josiah as at the stage that he also really loved stuffed toys, from bears to lions to sinchans. 😛 He would call the toy from across the room with his crazy waving hands and whining voice. It’s the easiest way to get him to laugh, presenting him with the huge hairy toy.

I also realised he was able to sit on those little kid’s chair without having us to hold him, when we let him play at Thinktoys in Pavillion. I just love these kind of toy shops that allow children to play with their toys at a designated play area. I also really Thinktoys, they make superb quality toys.

Christmas is coming and it’s gonna be Josiah’s first Christmas! One thing we also found is that he’s able to stay up longer without going to bed at night, without fussing too much if he has some toys with him. Coz yesterday we brought him to church for our Christmas drama, and we only went back around 10pm, and Josiah was happily playing in the mother’s room throughout.

He also sleeps longer for naps. I don’t really put him into the rocker anymore on weekends, instead I let him nap on our bed in the daytime, and he seemed to be able to sleep much longer, like an hour to an hour and half. If he sleeps longer, he only needs 2 naps a day. It’s actually healthier for babies to be able to sleep for longer than 45 minutes each nap. So I hope he keeps this up.

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