10 months

Josiah turned 10 months a couple of days ago. Time for some more updates.

He’s definitely more vocal now, babbles a lot, but still won’t call Mama. He knows the names of certain toys he has. He can support himself on his knees and hands, but won’t crawl on them. He can pull himself up from sitting to be on his knees while in the crib. He tends to roll off the bed if no one’s watching, and once rolled off the chair and landed on his head. You can imagine what happened after that, unstoppable tears.

He’s still nursing 100%…still going strong I hope. The separation anxiety syndrome if less obvious now, as he started to allow others to carry him once again. He’s got 3 tooth now, two at the bottom and one on top, hopefully 2 comes out together. Can’t wait to see how they look when it’s fully grown.

Josiah still sleeps a lot, like 3 naps a day. But he’s started to sleep later at night, only going to bed around 8pm-8.30pm Sometimes on rare occasions at 9pm. Then he’ll awaken in the morning around 7.30am to 8am. Definitely he’s not forcing me to put him to bed like before anymore, as he’s now more interested in playing. He’ll wait until daddy comes home before he’d even think about bed time.

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