9 and half months checkup

Last week, Josiah had another check up at the clinic. This was his last checkup for this year, the next one will be when he turned a year old. At the checkup he measured in at 10.5kg and 76cm tall. Big boy! He’s still very much above percentile on the charts.

What can Josiah do now? He’s now able to go from lying on the back to sitting up position, not very smoothly yet and easier if he has something to pull on. Sometimes, while nursing him, he would sit up to burp himself. He’s also able to sit by himself and go from sitting to crawling, well sometimes he still accidentally hit his face while doing that and wail loudly. He still likes to take pics! Thank God for that, whip out the camera and he’ll smile for you. He started babbling more syllables, and can call dada and papa.

Last Friday, he even experienced the beach for the first time. Josiah absolutely loved the sand, he actually scoop up sand in his little hands and watch it fall through the cracks of his fingers, and laughed while doing that.

He was not as interested in the toys we bought for him and more interested in the texture of the sand itself. PD’s beach is pretty nice now compared to last time, totally enjoyed our time there.

Josiah’s diet is also expanding. Besides the usual vegetable, he also started on broccoli, cauliflower, sun melon, yogurt, leafy vege, white potato, egg yolk, tofu, blueberries, that’s it. Looks like Josiah is still partial vegetarian. I will start him on chicken, tomatoes, asparagus and more fruits next month. So far, no allergy of any kind to all the food he’s taken, praise God.

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