9 months

Hhm actually he is now 9 months and a week. Some statistics. I don’t know what is his weight now, check up is only next Thursday, but he doesn’t seem to be getting any heavier. I just checked his height and it’s like 76cm already, so most of his pj rompers can’t really be worn anymore, used to be long pants but now are like shorts.

What can he do now? Josiah can crawl pretty fast now, tho mostly still on the stomach military style, he can actually go from a lying down on the back position to sitting up with some struggle, he did this like couple of days ago.

Josiah still sleeps lots, I thought that older babies sleep less. But he seems to want to nap every 2 hours now, and 3 times a day for at least half an hour. And needs to go to back max by 8pm. Today he slept so long he only woke at 8am, so we had to bring him to the baby sitter for his morning bath as we had to go to work already.

He also learned up to clap to things together. He would do that especially with plastic containers.

He’s also at his peak of separation and stranger anxiety. At church last week, he doesn’t want anyone at all to carry him, clinging to me like a koala bear. The week before he was ok with anyone carrying him. Plus at nights, he wakes more easily when I try to leave his side after he sleeps. If he awakens and find me not there, he will cry for me. So hhm hope this phase passes else I’m lacking time to make his food at night.

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