Josiah the daddy’s boy

In a couple of days Josiah turns 9 months. People say that breastfed babies are normally sticky to mum, but Josiah is absolutely sticky to his dad. Thanks to his dad spending much time with him from birth, the bath routines, the diaper routines, the morning walks, etc. Whenever Josiah sees his dad after a day away from him, he will get all excited. Most times he will start shouting to be carried, and whenever Josiah gets cranky, it is his dad that he wants not me! Whenever I pick him up from sitter, he would show some excitement, but when his daddy comes he will literally jumping up and getting really loud. I guess that’s good for me, so I can get some rest. 😛

So last week, he took his last Rotateq vaccination. He weighed in at 10.4kg, and that’s only 0.1kg increase. I guess after becoming mobile, he’s not gaining a lot of weight anymore. Now he can crawl but on his tummy mostly, all over the house. So he’s seldom sitting around anymore. And he’s also blabbing lots….he’s started using saying papa and dada repeatedly. Hhm when is going to say mama?

2 Responses to Josiah the daddy’s boy
  1. peichyi
    November 3, 2009 | 8:40 am

    awww schooooo cute! his eyes lit up when seeing John walk thru the door

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