At 7 months

It was another visit to the clinic for checkup at 7 months. We went a bit late (thanks to late pizza) and had to wait in line as No 13, fancy that. So the usual half hour visit ended up being one and a half hours. Josiah was already sleepy before we reach the place, as he had woke up 2 hours earlier. He wanted to sleep straight away in the car but I had to wake him, then took him for some nursing.

The 7 month checkup is one without vaccination. Hallelujah for that.

Half way while waiting, he fell asleep on papa’s shoulders. Then his name was called and we had to strip him for the weigh in. Even while stripping, he didn’t want to get up. Without clothes on, he weigh 9.9kg. That’s a 0.5 kg increase since last month. Looks like it’s stable at that for now. Due to his sleepiness we didn’t get to check his height and head circumference. Oh well that can be done at home or on his next Pneumococcal jab.

The nurses love him as he was flirting with them throughout the whole checkup, he was smiling, grinning, laughing, grabbing their pens, messing up their book, the whole time. One of the mothers even ask me to give her his leg, yikes. While in the nursing room, I did notice that most breastfed babies are gigantic in size, compared to those outside. But I guess genes do play a big part too. Yes I am an unusually big baby, that grew up too fast too young.

Much earlier on, last week, we did bring Josiah for his Pneumococcal vaccine, which is not given free by the government. They advised to get at the private clinics, so we went to Dr Wong’s.

The vaccine is rather pricey at RM280 per injection, and each baby needs 3. This vaccine is really important even though it’s not part of the must-haves in the list. According to an article released in the Star couple of years ago,

pneumococcal disease (PnD) is a highly contagious condition that easily spreads among children by droplets released into the air through sneezing or coughing.
Pneumococcus can cause not only meningitis, but other potentially deadly illnesses such as pneumonia, bacteraemia and middle ear infection.

Now as if AH1N1 is not bad enough, there are actually other terrible diseases out there that affect babies.

Should treatment have been delayed, your baby could have suffered permanent hearing loss, paralysis, brain damage or even death.

I wasn’t take any chances so off we go. I never heard or read of this before, so I’m really thankful for Wyethaid to send me the leaflet concerning this.

Anyways, while we were at it, we talked to the doctor about Rotavirus vaccine, it’s an oral vaccine which is great. Rotavirus is the one that causes stomache flu and severe diarrhea, as adults we’ve probably got it when young and develop the immunity eventually, but it can be deadly for babies. Wikipedia notes that more than 500000 children under 5 die of it each year. This safe vaccine was only developed since 2006, not all that long ago. It is suggested to get this vaccine earlier, to save money. Josiah took it at nearly 7 months so he had to take RotaTeq, which cost RM130 each, and needs 3 times dose over few months. While Rotarix is RM170 but only needs two doses.

Well, we’re glad we’ve settled that. And Josiah so far is in the pink of health, praise God.

Some updates, he still can’t really crawl per say, but he is a little mobile now. He crawls backwards using his butt power, and is able to move in 180-360 degrees turn. He cannot stand yet, or he just won’t. He drools lots and totally wets his shirt, so bibs are necessary every time.

This morning is another milestone, as he started using the potty. Whenever he wants to poo, he will make a face, and start grunting. So we decided to strip off his diapers and put him on the LÄTTSAM potty, I love the name, in some chinese dialect, does sound like ‘dirty’. Anyways, he sat on the potty, with some help he managed to poo nicely. Yeah! That saves the trouble of cleaning his diapers totally. Well, let’s see how it goes whether he’ll be able to indicate each time he needs to go, so we can bring him. So that’s the start of the accidental potty training.

On eating, Josiah has been eating my cooking for one month plus now. It was quite messy and crazy the first time that I tried making baby food, but after getting the hang of it, it becomes pretty easy. I really thank God that he eats all the things I made, has not tried spitting out anything just yet. And he eats quite a lot. I started him off with just one fruit meal a day, but now he takes two at 7 months. For brekkie, after a nap at 10plus I give him oat cereal mixed with some fruit, any fruit that has already been tested on. Then at 2-3pm for tea break, I give him a combination of fruits. So it’s 2oz he would finish up at each seating. He’s still taking the same amount of milk though and has started taking water a bit.

I’m so glad to be able to make food combinations now, it’s really fun.

There are really no hard rules, just mix what you think will compliment each other and taste good.

Though I’m pretty dependent on, for all the downloadable recipes and tips. Would have been lost without it. It taught me what to use first and what not to, what fruits go well together, what can’t be freezed properly, so it’s amazing.

Soon I want to let him eat on his own, when he knows how to chew a bit. At the moment it’s just gumming.

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