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Here are some latest updates on Josiah. He’s become a bit more mobile, his crawling style is that of moving backwards, and sideways rather than foreward. He can use his hands and legs to twist until he turn 180 degrees while lying on the tummy. At nights, sometimes when I go into the room, I find him lying in a different part of the bed. This has caused much concern that he might fall, as it has been about two times that he was totally near the edge of the bed.

Josiah can also sit up quite steadily now. We can actually put him in a sitting position in the playpen and leave in there for a while, well, with many pillows propped around him of course. His interest in toys has grown, he can easily spend much time just playing with his toys, by playing I mean just holding it, throwing it, turning it around and looking at it.

Josiah has eaten fruits and vege only thus far, he started with sweet potatoes, followed by avocado, followed by pears, and bananas and now on peaches. I love fresh peaches. He takes these half of the fruit in a day, pureed for four days before moving onto the next fruit. Next on the list would be carrots, papayas, and pumpkin. Then I might start him on cereals. He’s still taking the same amount of breastmilk each day.

Lastly he has learned to demand what he wants by crying. Well, I know babies cry all the time to demand, but what I mean is simply demanding for things that are not necessity. For lack of explanation, watch the video below:

I did not record until the end of the video, coz he started crying really loudly with tears after I took away his ‘toy’. In the end I had to hold him and calm him down.

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