At 6 months

Once again, one month had passed. With baby, time really flies more significantly. So last week we took Josiah for his last vaccination for the year at the Klinik Kesihatan for the Hep B.

He was in a good mood until we enter the vaccination room, when he started crying louder and louder. You can see from his face here.

Then when the nurse inject the vaccine, it is screaming mode straight away. But thank God it only took a while, and less than a minute later he was ok.

So how is Josiah doing? At this check, he is now 9.5kg at 70cm tall. Still above average but slowing down it seems.
He can start taking solids!

So far Josiah has happily sampled brown rice (which he doesn’t like), sweet potatoes and avocado. I am going down the unconventional route by giving him vege and fruits before cereal. Anyways, fruits and vege contain more nutrients that baby needs, not to mention they taste better. I’m also totally against commercial food products, so I make my own baby food. It takes a lot more time and planning, but I got the hang of it. Freezing baby food is still more nutritious than feeding baby jars food.

happy josiah
I’m glad to report that Josiah is a happy baby and smiles a lot. Even the nurses and doc say so. Recently though, he was down with mild flu. We took him to see Dr Wong, and she even found whitish fungal in the mouth. Well, he’s all well now and the whitish things are gone too after applying some medicine.

At the moment, there is no change to his sleep pattern. He still nap the same number of hours, and sleep early by 8pm all the way to 7am nish. The max he can stay awake in the day time is 3 hours.

sit sit

He can pretty much sit up already, but we have to support him in case he topples over. When he gets tired of sitting, he usually just fling himself down, which makes it dangerous to put him on hard flooring. Since he can sit up, he doesn’t like lying down. Well, basically he doesn’t like to be in any one position for a long time.

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