Flu bug

Josiah seems to be down with the flu bug, or is it just the start of the teething process? 2 days ago, he started crying a lot at the caretaker’s place, and not sleeping much. I found a small whitish thing on the wall of his inside cheeks. Looks like an ulcer..what could it be? Then yesterday, he seems to have stuffy nose. At night when he was sleeping next to me, his nose makes those stuff nose noise. Usually he won’t ever wake up at nights crying, just for nursing. But last night, he cried at 4am and then again at 6am. And he’s also pooing a lot a lot! Like 4-5 times a day. Another sign of teething. 

I’ve read that teething symptoms can appear way before the tooth actually appears. Other symptoms are such as drooling, wanting to bite anything. Well, we’re not taking the chances, probably today we will bring him to see the paed to clear things up. Oh he even had fever the other day, just for a short time during the night. Sigh, the crazy weather is not just making him sick, everyone around me is getting sick as well. John has just nearly recovered from cough. While for the last 2 days, I was down with purging and diarrhea, food poisoning at its worst! There were a lot of cramps and visits to the toilet. Pray that it will be over today.

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