Last checkup…hopefully

Today I went for my last checkup with my OBGYN, really hopefully this is the last checkup before delivery as my EDD is this Friday, Feb 6. Although it is normal to be late for up to 2 weeks, I certainly hope that is not the case as my baby is getting bigger and bigger! As of now, he is already about 3.4kg. Anyways, it will be very near, as yesterday, I lost my mucus plug. Well, was a bit shocked at first, but after that, I realise this is just a sign that labor might start anytime between a few days to a few weeks. At the moment, I don’t have any regular contractions yet, in a day I probably felt light cramps about 3 times. Even so, they last less than a minute. So, the job is to wait it out and wait for either the water to break first or the contractions to become as regular as every 5 minutes, lasting 1 minute, for as long as 1 hour. Then it’s time to head off to Putrajaya hospital.

Still at work at the moment, having to finish up last minute work. Most things have been settled, thank God. I also can’t walk fast and as much as last week, as the weight of the baby is really pressing down and putting pressure on my bladder now, and movement is becoming more restricted. Basically, it’s getting a wee bit more uncomfortable than normal. So, looking forward to the day. I dreamed that I tweet during the delivery! I wonder if I’d really be doing that….

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