26 weeks

Last Thursday I had my monthly checkup, and from now onwards it will be fortnightly as I enter the 3rd Trimester.
Dr. Bedi reconfirmed the sex of the baby as boy this time. I also got my Tetanus injection on my left arm. I need to get 2 injections for first time mothers.

Normally, 3rd Trimesters are associated with end of the honeymoon period, where different pregnancy symptoms are coming back. I thank God that I had been blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy, I never had any of the usual symptoms like morning sickness, cravings for certain food, headache etc.

Recently, I found that I have the carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a syndrome that causes pins and needles and sometimes pain in the hands of pregnant women especially in the 2nd half. I began to experience pins and needles in the mornings after waking up on my right hand a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think it was anything until I checked it out today and found that this actually quite a common thing. Well, it hasn’t really been painful for me so far, and it only lasts a few seconds after I shake off my hand in the morning, and doesn’t exactly interfere with my sleep. I think my sleeping position wakes me up middle of the night more often than this. I need to sleep on my left side, but sometimes I tend to turn back on my back, and this gives me a backache, so I wake up a few times because of that to turn on my left side again.

Certainly at 27 weeks, physical changes are becoming more apparent. The baby is more than 1kg now, and it’s getting heavier to carry him.

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